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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Revenge at Red Sky

A vengeful madam tosses a scorned prostitute onto the dirt road which fronts her brothel (see Wrath of Miss Kitty in our Catfight section.) The tearful, shell-shocked harlot walks for miles in the moonlight, wearing nothing but a flimsy negligee and 6" stiletto heels. Men working on an extension of the Central Pacific Railroad spot the beautiful but disheveled wanderer and gladly provide her with food, water, and shelter. Shortly before dawn the woman arises, staring out across the Ruby Mountains as the first brilliant rays of sunlight overtake the sky. Stunning shades of scarlet and fuchsia soon illuminate her entire field of vision. One by one the railroad workers emerge from their tents. Everyone shares in the majesty of the divine morning. "You know what they say about a red dawn.." the eldest of them comments after a lengthy period of reverential silence. "Trouble is coming. It means that trouble is coming." Nobody responds to his assertion. Several days later the woman announces her intention of returning to her former brothel. A particular man tries urgently to dissuade her. She refuses to listen. "I have a debt to settle." she declares. "Soon I will destroy the evil shrew who threw me out into the night." She quickly regains entry into the bordello by pleading for forgiveness and promising the proprietress that she will never act up again. Behind closed doors the scheming courtesan begins sabotaging the business from within. She subjects one particularly affluent customer to aggressive acts which put him completely under her power. Within weeks she owns his manhood and orders him to come to her window on the very next occasion that a red dawn lights up the morning sky.. (This facesitting video stars Tanya Danielle and features glorious breast and pussy smothering shot entirely in the POV perspective.)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wrath of Miss Kitty

Shortly before her nineteenth birthday a troubled but determined young woman named Katharine Cornish (played by Goldie Blair) boarded a ship to America. During the long, rough passage she proceeded to reinvent herself, shortening her name to Kitty and telling other passengers that she was visiting a well-to-do aunt in Albany, New York. When pressed for more information she revealed that both her parents had recently expired in a tragic London accident. This shocking disclosure inevitably discouraged further questions into Kitty's past. Fellow travelers respected her privacy, never suspecting that the unescorted teenager had just manufactured a whole new identity out of thin air. At the conclusion of the transatlantic journey Kitty stepped ashore onto the wooden docks of the United States Immigration Station at Ellis Island. She possessed only the clothes on her back, a small suitcase of belongings, and barely enough money to cover food and lodging for the coming week. Her hidden past and uncertain future made her feel like a ghost, a walking zombie on the bustling streets of this strange, new country. For the next ten years Kitty lived in a succession of rooming houses. She earned money doing unsavory jobs and hoarded every penny as she prepared for a better future. Eventually circumstances prompted Kitty to move out West where she settled on the outskirts of a rough mining town in the Nevada desert. The Silver State yielded great riches for Kitty. Now known as "Miss Kitty", she operates a brothel on the main thoroughfare which connects Winnemucca to Elko. She extends every possible courtesy to the male guests who frequent her establishment. Behind closed doors, however, she uses cruel forms of discipline to control the girls in her stable. Miss Kitty is a woman of extremes. Underneath her cool, well-coiffed exterior burns a fire stoked by the numerous indignities that she suffered in her youth. Whenever one of her courtesans fails to earn enough money Miss Kitty reacts with a monstrous anger that seems to erupt from the deepest, darkest regions of her soul..

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